David Beckham Explains Why Lionel Messi Is His Favorite to Watch Play Football

Paris Saint-Germain forward Lionel Messi is a footballer many current and past players enjoy watching, including former Manchester United star David Beckham.

In an interview with ESPN Argentina, the co-owner of MLS side Inter Miami explained why he enjoys watching Messi. Beckham noted the qualities on the pitch, but there’s also an aspect away from the field that draws him to the Argentine.

“It has to be Messi,” Beckham said. “I love Leo for many different reasons. I love him because he’s a great father. I love him because he’s a great personality, a character. He’s a great person.

“But I think what everybody loves about him is the way he plays the game. He plays the game with passion. He plays the game just free the way he plays. And I think this past World Cup again. I think the way he played for his team, for his country and to win that World Cup was an incredible moment for him. And I love watching players like him.”

Beckham might also be campaigning for Messi to head to Miami, as the South Florida-based club has been linked to the Paris Saint-Germain star. The veteran’s contract expires in June and while reports link him to remaining in France, he hasn’t signed an extension.

Inter Miami is likely putting out all the stops to woo Messi and have him say goodbye to his European football career. Whether it’s enough for the 2022 FIFA World Cup winner to continue his football career in the United States remains to be seen.

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