Ligue 1: Sergio Aguero Reveals Why Lionel Messi Was Mad at Him During World Cup Celebrations

It’s been a few weeks since Argentina won the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Some behind-the-scenes stories are beginning to trickle out, with one story being about Lionel Messi being upset over Sergio Aguero drinking too much during the celebrations.

Aguero, who was not on the squad for the tournament, found his way onto the pitch when Argentina defeated France in penalty kicks (4-2) to claim the trophy that had long eluded Messi in his career. 

The former Manchester City striker took part in the team lifting the trophy and celebrated in the locker room, leading to him having too many alcoholic beverages. 

“I drank a lot, but I didn’t eat,” Aguero said on his Twitch channel (h/t GOAL). “We were world champions. If something were to happen to me, let it be there,” he said on Twitch. “Leo [Messi] got angry and told me “stop”. How stop? We are world champions, so happy…”

Aguero had been part of the Argentina squads that had suffered heartbreak losses in the 2014 World Cup, 2015 Copa America and 2016 Copa America during his international career with the South American club. 

As a result, the team likely wanted the former striker to partake in the celebrations knowing what it meant to the players who were on those teams with Messi. 

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