The GOATs of PSG

A GOAT is a title that isn’t given to anyone. After all, GOAT stands for Greatest Of All Time, which is why only top performers in any area. When it comes to football there are lots of people that deserve the title. And when we narrow it down to PSG there are still worthy football players that can be crowned as GOATs.

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When it comes to European football teams, PSG is one of the best. It has kept that stellar reputation for some time by getting skilled players to play for the team. Some of them deserve the GOAT title and here are some such players:


This Brazilian player left his mark on the world with his amazing tricks. He dribbled through players and was playing with them much like a cat plays with a ball. He brought his skills to PSG as well which is why he’s one of the GOATs of the club. He was an accurate shooter when it came to penalties and he was a master at passing to players without looking. Although, he stayed with PSG for 2 seasons only he left his mark on the team. During that time, he managed to win 1 Intertoto Cup which is pretty amazing for such a short time with PSG.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Zlatan is truly a golden football player and that coincidently is what his name means in Bosnian. He was one of the stars of PSG from 2012 to 2016. During his stay at PSG, he managed to win 12 trophies for the club and he also beat the previous club record for most goals scored during a season by scoring 38 in the 2015/2016 season. He’s a GOAT of PSG although he doesn’t play for the team. Nowadays he’s a member of Milan FC and he’s doing pretty well as he’s a skilled player that doesn’t rest on his laurels.

Bernard Lama

The GOAT title has gone to lots of shooters, but there are some goalies that also deserve the title. Bernard Lama is one of them and he’s arguably one of the best goalkeepers in PSG history. Lama stayed with the club for 7 seasons and managed to play 300 games while in it. In 96 he was part of the team that won the UEFA Cup and he was also a crucial element of the PSG team that won the Coupe de France 2 times. More importantly, Lama helped PSG win the World Cup in 98. In short, Bernard Lama is another PSG GOAT.

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