TalkSPORT Pundit Rips Aston Villa’s Emi Martinez for Mocking Mbappe With Toy Doll (Video)

On Tuesday, the Argentina national team celebrated their 2022 FIFA World Cup on the streets of Buenos Aires. But, while the moment was supposed to be a joyous celebration, Aston Villa and Argentina goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez used it to take a shot at Kylian Mbappe.

While on the bus and parading, Martinez was seen holding a toy doll with a picture of the PSG star. The 24-year-old scored a hat trick and a penalty kick, so there was confusion for the trolling and talkSPORT’s Darren Bent slammed Martinez for his mocking of Mbappe. 

“So I’ve got there are two points to this that for me, I understand it, but I think he’s gone overboard,” Bent said Wednesday. “One, and I know they beat France, but you talk about a guy that smashed the ball past you during that game four times. So it’s not like you saved his penalty or you did something to make him look foolish.

“Mbappe still got a hat trick in normal time; it went 120 minutes and a penalty in the shootout, and all three times, he went the same way. So it’s like it was all well and good you clowning in him and laughing and joking because you won the World Cup and rightly, but Kylian Mbappe, if you talk about Mbappe versus Martinez, Mbappe made him look silly.”

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