Lionel Messi reveals the truth behind his frustrations with Netherlands manager Louis van Gaal

Argentina’s penalty shootout win over the Netherlands in the 2022 FIFA World Cup Quarterfinal round had plenty of fireworks. Paris Saint-Germain forward Lionel Messi was in the midst of the drama between the two teams during the match and also after Lautaro Martinez clinched Argentina a spot in the World Cup semifinal round.

Messi celebrated in front of the Netherlands bench during the contest and after Martinez’s penalty shootout goal, the PSG forward shared some words with Netherlands manager Louis van Gaal.

In his post-match press conference, Messi explained just why he was not pleased with the longtime Dutch manager on the day.

“I was angry about the pre-match, because I think that a coach like Van Gaal, with the experience he has, with the games he has played throughout his career and that he spoke in the way he did, that he disrespected, I think he should not have been like that, it did not make sense,” Messi said.

“I feel that he had disrespected the Argentine national team.”

Messi did not pinpoint the exact comments that van Gaal made that he felt crossed the line, although the Dutch manager was quite vocal when discussing the reigning Copa America champions in the days leading up to the fixture. For one, he noted earlier in the week that he wanted “revenge” for the Netherlands’ semifinal exit against Argentina in the 2014 edition of the World Cup — a match in which he claimed that Messi “didn’t touch” the ball.

Argentina now has its attention on Croatia, as the two sides will meet in the World Cup semifinal round on Tuesday.

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  1. As a manager why would you go there about revenge and especially about a specific player!! If he didn’t nothing in 2014 as he said then Messi sure made him eat those words now in 2022 and being much older at that,he destroyed your team Van gaal!!! You may never get another chance to try to beat Messi again!! He got the last laugh!!!

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