2022 World Cup: Cameras Capture Kylian Mbappe’s Passionate Halftime Speech in World Cup Final (Video)

If there were any doubts regarding Kylian Mbappe having leadership qualities, those were quickly put to rest during the 2022 FIFA World Cup Final against Argentina on Sunday.

After the France national team found themselves 2-0 and playing terrible football, the Paris Saint-Germain star spoke up and the documentary “Merci les Bleus” captured the moment that Mbappe stepped up as a leader and galvanized the squad.

“It’s a World Cup final; it’s the match of a lifetime,” Mbappe said (h/t RMC Sport). “We can’t get any worse, anyway. We go back on the pitch, either we let them play dumb, or we go there, we put a little intensity and we go into the duels and we do something else guys. 

“It’s a World Cup final. It’s done; they scored two goals, and we’re down two goals. We can come back! Guys, it’s something like this every four years.”

Mbappe would score a hat-trick in the second half and the extra time, and although the team fell in penalty kicks, the clip shows that the 24-year-old is ready to be a leader. 

As a result, it is no surprise that should Hugo Lloris retire from international football; reports suggest that the Paris Saint-Germain star would take over as captain of the team. 

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