Pundit Confidently Explains Why Neymar Will Have Spectacular 2022 World Cup

Neymar Jr. has the pressure of Brazil’s 20-year FIFA World Cup drought, so when the 2022 edition of the tournament gets going on Sunday, all hopes are on the 30-year-old to deliver. 

While Brazil boosts a talented squad on the attack, the Paris Saint-Germain star stirs everything, which is why there’s a lot on his shoulders. 

Nonetheless, French football pundit Nabil Djellit believes Neymar can achieve a great World Cup, in particular, thanks to a better Brazilian squad than in previous tournaments during the PSG star’s time with the national team. 

“I think he is better surrounded than his previous World Cups with Brazil,” Djellit said on a recent episode on L’Equipe de Greg (h/t Canal Supporters). And precisely, he won’t want to force the decision on his own and I think that’s something that can free him up more. In 2014, we remember that he carried Brazil in an incredible way. His injury then partly condemned Brazil, who picked up in the semi-finals (1-7 defeat) against Germanyfantastic and future world champion. 

“In 2018, I think that if the Belgians don’t stop Brazil (1-2 defeat), it could have been complicated for the French team behind, but the story didn’t turn out like that and so much the better for us. And there, I find that he has returned to an absolutely stratospheric level. He also chases records. I think he will pass in front of Pelé, especially in the number of goals (77 goals in selection against 75 for Neymar ). For me, it could simply be Neymar’s year.

If Neymar can win the tournament and end Brazil’s drought, it will do plenty of his legacy, considering it will debunk any criticism that no team can win with the PSG forward. 

Furthermore, a World Cup, along with his current form, should he sustain it for the entire 2022-23 football season, will allow Neymar to be a candidate for the Ballon d’Or.

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