Phenomenal PSG Trio Will Shine in Qatar

The 2022 World Cup is just weeks away from kick-off and once again, as it has been the norm every four years since 1930, we are set to witness the biggest football show in the world. Different countries will be battling for the prestigious trophy and billions of fans will be following the action from all over the world.

This tournament is a preserve of the top footballing nations but it goes down further to individual players, the ones who at times even single-handedly deliver the golden trophy to their countries. Three such top players backed to light up the World Cup hail from French giants, Paris Saint Germain.

Lionel Messi, Neymar Jr., and Kylian Mbappe have all been tipped to have a hand in where the 2022 World Cup will head. Of course, Mbappe has already had a feel of the world’s most prestigious trophy, having been part of the 2018 title-winning France team.

Neymar and Messi, who are thought to be preparing for their final appearances at the tournament, will both be hoping to sign off with the coveted title. With these three playing for different nations, all or at least two will definitely end this turn in disappointment.

Brazil, Neymar’s team, Messi’s team Argentina and France, the nation for which Mbappe turns out, have featured prominently in all football World Cup predictions on SportyTrader and most bookies have placed the stakes on one of these nations winning the world championship. That isn’t to mean there aren’t many other strong teams.

It is quite understandable why these three players are featuring prominently as star attractions ahead of the 2022 World Cup. At the close of October, these three players have shown just how phenomenal they are. In the final game of October, Messi provided his 10th assist of the season and seventh goal.

This phenomenal trio scored a total of 43 goals for PSG at the close of October and with a few games still to play before the World Cup, those numbers are definitely set to get better. Their ability to singlehandedly inspire their national teams is also a key factor to consider here. While Mbappe still has years before ascending to the leadership levels at France, Neymar and Messi will be donning the armbands for their respective nations.

Still, Mbappe will be influential based on his abilities on the pitch, his biggest assets being speed and skill despite being really young and having already guided France to a World Cup title. One major reason the focus will be on Mbappe is the fact defending champions rarely have the best runs at the subsequent World Cup competition.

For Messi, after guiding Argentina to the Copa Libertadores, the only trophy missing on his profile is the World Cup and at 35, he will not have another chance; it is the last opportunity. Neymar, on his part, has indicated his intention to retire after the 2022 World Cup but in case he changes his mind, he will still have time on his side, being 30 at the moment.

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