Mauricio Pochettino Smashes PSG, Reveals Truth About Experience as Manager

Mauricio Pochettino has been relatively quiet about his experience at Paris Saint-Germain. However, the Argentine has mentioned the challenges of coaching three star players on one team. 

However, he has yet to criticize the capital club as an institution, until now. During an appearance on Radio Marca (h/t Goal France), he went off on the French giants, saying that coaching PSG is a thankless job.

“Everyone looks down on the work of the coach,” Pochettino said to the Spanish media. “Especially when we won, it was thanks to individual talent and if we lost, it was the fault of the coach.”

Pochettino had a connection to PSG before he arrived in 2021, having served as captain for the Ligue 1 side, so these remarks might cut deeper than if they came from someone like Unai Emery. 

Therefore, the Argentinian fed the criticism addressed to Paris Saint-Germain about the lack of belief awarded to the coaches who have succeeded on the bench in recent years. The former Tottenham Spur gaffer also returned to the difficulty of managing a group with many stars.

“Designing such a team was a very difficult challenge, with many unknowns,” Pochettino said. “All these personalities, with this talent, in a team, it only ever happened in Paris.

“We ended up with nine or ten players who were captains of their national team. I think it was an incredible experience that will never happen again in the world.”

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