Jurgen Klinsmann details just what a World Cup win for Messi would mean to his legacy

Paris Saint-Germain forward Lionel Messi is set to feature in his fifth career World Cup. The Argentine forward has come close before to winning the sport’s most prestigious tournament, but he is still without a World Cup winners’ medal.

For former German international Jurgen Klinsmann, he has been in awe of Messi’s storied career. From his perspective, he believes that if Messi can guide the Argentina national team to glory at the 2022 FIFA World Cup, then it would not only boost his legacy but also place him on the “same level” as Diego Maradona in the eyes of many Argentinians.

“It’s insane what Messi in particular has achieved,” Klinsmann told the Daily Mail. “Now it’s coming to the end of his career and you sense it might be a last chance to win the World Cup.

“Any football fan will be a Messi fan. He is such a sympathetic, down-to-earth personality. You just wish him this title because it would put him on the same level as Diego Maradona in his home country. That is what we all feel for him and I feel neutrals will be rooting for Argentina if they reached the final.

“I’ve been to Buenos Aires and everybody talked about how they adore and love Messi. But they still always say: ‘He has to give us a World Cup.’ This is literally how the Argentinians are. Nothing but the title really matters to them.”

Messi was able to silence many critics in his home country after leading the Argentina national team to a Copa America win last year. Now, he has his sights set on winning the World Cup next month, and if he is able to accomplish this feat, it which sure would then boost his case to be recognized as the greatest football player of all-time.

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