Impressive Stat Shows Which National Teams Messi Has Terrorized Most

Lionel Messi scored in Argentina’s 5-0 win against the United Arab Emirates for their last friendly before the 2022 FIFA World Cup gets rolling on Sunday.

Messi’s goal against the UAE marked the 91st goal that the 35-year-old has scored for the South American nation. Football media outlet GOAL put out a graphic showing which countries the Paris Saint-Germain forward has terrorized the most.

Bolivia is the country that Messi has scored the most goals against in his international career, with eight against their fellow South American rival. Uruguay (6) and Brazil (5) are in the top four countries where the veteran forward has found the back of the net.

When it comes to European opponents Estonia (3), Switzerland (3), and Spain (2) are the two countries that Messi has scored the most against in his career. At the 2022 World Cup, he could add Poland and Saudia Arabia to the list, as he’s never scored against those two nations.

Mexico is also part of Group C and Messi has scored against the CONCACAF side on three occasions.

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