Fabregas Comes to the Defense of Messi After Canelo’s Twitter Tirade at the PSG Star

When Benfica center-back Nicolas Otamendi took to Instagram on Saturday to share a video of the Argentina national team celebrating its 2022 FIFA World Cup group stage win over Mexico, he sure did not foresee the drama that would ensue the next day.

In the video, Paris Saint-Germain forward Lionel Messi was seen enthusiastically celebrating the grand victory with the rest of his Argentina teammates. He was later seen taking a seat and then brushing aside a Mexico national team shirt as he was attempting to take off his boots.

Boxing star Canelo Alvarez took to Twitter on Sunday to accuse Messi of “cleaning the floor with our shirt and flag.” He later doubled down by noting that “Since the MEXICO shirt is on the ground, it’s an insult.”

Multiple active and former players have since come to the defense of Messi, including Como midfielder Cesc Fabregas.

On Monday, the former Barcelona midfielder explained to Canelo why the Mexico shirt was on the floor in the first place.

“You don’t know the person, nor do you understand how a locker room works or what happens after a game,” Fabregas wrote on Twitter.

“ALL jerseys, even the ones we wear ourselves, go on the floor and get washed afterwards. Even more so when you’re celebrating a major victory.”

On Messi’s part, he sure has much of his attention set on Argentina’s World Cup group stage finale against Poland coming up on Wednesday.

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  1. Canelo….que pena muchacho por los comentarios que hiciste. Primero hay que conocer todo
    Lo que rodea un vestuario ganador, segundo entender la euforia de ganar un partido en la Copa Mundial y primordialmente saber quién es la persona a la que te diriges. Un gran campeón como tú tiene que ilustrarse primero.
    Espero que la próxima vez que babeas la boca lo hagas con conocimiento y sentimiento del tema.
    Has insultado a alguien que nunca ofendería ni a sus enemigos…..talvez podría aprender de el. Suerte Campeon

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