Can PSG Finally Win The Champions League This Season?

It is safe to say that this is the question many people are asking in the last five years or so. Many times, the boys from PSG looked like they were ready to win the Champions League title, the one that is missing from their trophy cabinet. When it comes to the best betting sites it seems that PSG is one of the biggest favorites, but the latest Champions League draw gave them a tough opponent. If they want to win this title, they will need to beat Bayern Munich, the team that defeated them three years ago in the final. Can they get their revenge and maybe win the title next year in May? This is what we are going to discuss today. Here are the things PSG needs to do in order to win the Champions League this season.

They Need To Play Like A Team

We know, this sounds like a cliche, but it is true. We all know what happened with Kylian Mbappe and his contract this summer. This definitely did not make him a popular guy in the club.  Mbappe also showed selfishness on the pitch and that is one of the things that will need to change if PSG wants to win the Champions League title. Mbappe needs to understand that he is not more important than his teammates and the club he plays for. If he does that, the things will definitely be different on the pitch.

The Defense Needs To Be Better

People know that PSG can easily score many goals during one game. But, this season has shown us that they can also concede many goals as well. This has to change if they want to win the European title. All of the defensive players and the goalkeeper Donnarumma need to perform better. The reason is simple, PSG can easily score more goals than their rivals in the French league, but they will not be able to do that in the Champions League.

They Need To Show Character

PSG has a wonderful team. But that is simply not enough for the Champions League title. We have seen teams with worse players win the title simply because they have character. They are willing to die on the pitch if it means that they will win the Champions League. That is what players like Neymar and Mbappe need to do.

There is a chance for PSG to win the Champions League this season, but only if they do the things we discussed today.

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