Pundit Claims Neymar Must Take Over No. 9 Role or Ride Bench at PSG

The drama over the striker situation at Paris Saint-Germain continues to be a topic of discussion as Kylian Mbappé has expressed his desire not to play the position. As a result, pundits are weighing in on what the capital club should do to solve the situation.

On Tuesday’s edition of After Foot RMC (h/t Foot Mercato), French football pundit Rolland Courbis stated that Mbappé shouldn’t be playing the role and that it’s Neymar Jr.’s responsibility to take the position. 

Furthermore, Courbis added that if the 30-year-old doesn’t want to take over the part, then the Brazil international should ride the bench. 

“If Galtier is to solve the problem of the three monsters, it is Neymar who must play the role of number 9, not Mbappé,” Courbis said. “And you (Neymar) go on the bench if you don’t want to play pivot. Be already happy to be there. Obviously, I’m harder on Neymar. If I were PSG, I wouldn’t have a short memory. This Neymar is unbearable. There is the World Cup. 

“He must be focused, serious, and will soon find himself behind Donnarumma to defend. But don’t take people for dumber than they are. This Neymar is unbearable: you play number 9 or you clear. I am more for Mbappé than for Neymar, more for Messi than for Neymar. If the supporters have a short memory of what Neymar hasn’t done for five years, too bad for them.”

It will be interesting to see what manager Christophe Galtier opts to do to solve the problem, and eyes will be on sporting advisor Luis Campos to bring in another player during the January transfer window to occupy that space. 

Nonetheless, the issue will linger and not go quietly until at least a few months from now. 

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  1. You know nothing about football, the way you speak you hate Neymar you are jealous of Neymar’s wonderful skill. Is Mppape bigger than club? Can he do what Neymar is doing with football?

  2. Mbappe is selfish and his attitude will cost France at the world cup no player is bigger tban any team club or country

  3. When you watch golf but you friends told you to watch football this year and you don’t know nothing about football 😂😂

  4. I just waisted a few minutes of my time reading this rubbish. Time for Kylian to grow up and understand that he is privileged to be playing alongside Leo and Neymar, as they are playing with him.

  5. Mbappé is a child in a grown man’s shell. If this is the new attitude for world football I shudder to see the outcome in 5 years. a true and complete player would be happy to excel in any and every position. How many great have u seen replaced a goal keeper? If he refuses to assist his teammates in this position what would happen different if he get the spot he fights for? We could have ucl in our pockets. Remember MSN. They became the best of friends

  6. If I’m there when they were done this nonsense interview,I can slap this idiot roland courbis
    You are a mad person

  7. Mbappé is not a player who can go put a team on his back and make his team win. Either for France or Monaco or even PSG, when neymar don’t play, they can’t keep the ball for long. Ney abilities to attract attention and create is why they have an identity in offense. Haaland was always good but like Mbappé, he’s a goal scorer, and can never be the best player on a winning team. In city, Haaland plays within the system but he’s not the system. Mbappé does good when the opposite back line give him space but against the better defensive team, he looses lots of possessions. Go to sleep and see y’all at the World Cup. Club football is dull. Money rules.

  8. This man is one of the tortoise’s fan. He hates neymar. Neymar is a genius. Mbappe couldn’t bear what he saw. The two genius players come to their best version.

  9. I is this guy being serious?!
    Who is this child Rolland Courbis?
    He speaks the same way Mbappe acts!
    Grow up!!!

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