Manchester City, PSG Are Reason Why Barcelona Club Chief Supports Super League

Despite the Premier League clubs pulling from the Super League, it remains alive in the eyes of FC Barcelona, Juventus, and Real Madrid. 

Barcelona president Joan Laporta wanted to reiterate that the project is alive and well for these three clubs and also took a shot a state-owned clubs such as Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain.

“It makes me laugh when the state clubs say that the Super League clubs are the rich ones,” Laporta told reporters (h/t El Pais).  

Furthermore, Laporta criticized UEFA for allowing state-owned clubs to accumulate more carte blanche, explaining why Barcelona supports the Super League and puts their rivalry aside with Real Madrid. 

“What UEFA does is give them more power,” Laporta added. “This is why we support the Super League. For a more even competition to compete with each club with its resources and without the distortion of state clubs. 

“The clubs will govern our destiny. Have no doubt that it would be an open league, based on meritocracy and respecting the state leagues.”

Likely, this league never gets off the ground without the Premier League clubs and others who have exited, such as AC Milan, Inter Milan and Atlético de Madrid. 

With only three clubs pushing the Super League, it’s probably going to stay an idea that was thrashed when supporters were angry about rich clubs having a league based on money and one in which they could never be relegated regardless of their performance. 

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