Former Ajax, AC Milan Star Explains Why Neymar Is a ‘Crybaby’

Paris Saint-Germain’s Neymar Jr. has dealt with his share of critics, some with valid criticism about how the 30-year-old players, others with a clear agenda against the veteran forward. 

Former AC Milan and Ajax striker Marco van Basten is the latest to express strong comments toward Neymar. Van Basten didn’t hold back on his criticism as he argued the Brazil international is “unpleasant” on the pitch.

“Neymar is a real crybaby; he’s constantly teasing,” van Basten said on a Dutch program (h/t UOL). “One second, he fouls someone, and the next, he plays the victim again. There’s no permission to touch him.

“I would applaud if someone really dealt with him. An unpleasant person on the field.”

Van Basten isn’t the first, nor will he be the last former coach or player to take a shot at how Neymar conducts himself out on the pitch. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea. 

Nonetheless, it’s one thing to say that he’s a “crybaby,” which is a criticism that many can argue against and for regarding this claim. However, van Basten does show a lack of professionalism in saying he wants an opponent to take care of him.

These remarks are left open to interpretation, considering it could mean van Basten might want someone to hurt Neymar, whether by a dirty tackle or taking a swing at him during a heated exchange. 

It’s okay not to like Neymar and criticize him, but it’s another to want to see an opponent harm him. 

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  1. Van Basten isn’t infering anything more than the truth. If not then don’t give his quotes your platform.

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