Ex-Manager Mocks Ballon d’Or Voters for Leaving Messi Outside Top 50

Although many believed Karim Benzema deserved to win the Ballon d’Or; however, the topic of discussion that generated debate was over Lionel Messi being left off the top 50. 

With Messi’s fall from grace, pundits are making bold claims regarding the Argentine’s chances to win the award again in the future. Nonetheless, some are calling out the Ballon d’Or voters for leaving Messi outside the top 50. 

Former Chilean manager Néstor Gorosito spoke with ESPN Argentina on Monday, slamming those in charge of the voting process. 

“Benzema is a great player; that’s why he deserved the Ballon d’Or because this year he destroyed it. But that Messi is not among the 50 is funny,” Gorosito said.

“Who voted? Na, it’s funny… How can Messi not be among 50 players? Or between 10 or between 5. If Messi is not there, imagine if they have to vote for me, they vote for 900.”

Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo not being on the podium for the award hasn’t occurred since 2006. As a result, this is new territory for the football world not to see either of these two great players nominated for the top individual award in the sport.

Nonetheless, with both players in their mid to late 30s, it’s likely time many will have to accept this new reality of seeing both these players not up for the Ballon d’Or

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