Video: How Barcelona Helped Kylian Mbappé Reach Superstar Status

Paris Saint-Germain forward Kylian Mbappé spoke is a star player, but the 23-year-old pinpointed where he feels as though he truly announced himself to the world.

In an interview with PSG TV, the France international pointed to his performance against FC Barcelona at the Camp Nou, where he scored a hat-trick. On that night, Mbappé felt as though he had entered superstar status.

“Barcelona-PSG 2021. Transformation. I think that night, I go from being a really good player to a really top, top player. That night I managed to score a hat-trick at Camp Nou. For sure, it was something special, and frankly, I was proud because I had to play with a lot of personality, as I always say.

“In the evenings of the Champions League, you cannot hide, and that evening, we did not hide. I had the chance to play every game in the Champions League until the final. I discovered all possible emotions.”

Mbappé extended his contract with PSG in hopes of winning the club’s first ever UEFA Champions League, which would cement a long-lasting legacy in his hometown.

“It would be special to win here in Paris,” Mbappé said. “But winning the Champions League is winning the Champions League. Win the Champions League, wherever you are; whatever you do is to win the Champions League. But of course, for me, winning it in Paris would be the best.”

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