Saga Not Over? Pundit Reveals Why Real Madrid Should Swallow Pride to Sign Kylian Mbappé

Despite Kylian Mbappé opting to extend his contract with Paris Saint-Germain, that hasn’t slowed down the chatter of the 23-year-old possibly joining Real Madrid. 

After much speculation regarding his future, Mbappé stayed with PSG and declined to sign with the Spanish giants, a decision that didn’t go over well with their supporters. 

Nonetheless, Javier Balboa, a pundit on the football show El Chiringuito, wants Real Madrid to continue to push to land Mbappé, insisting that in two years, there’s plenty that can change. 

“He is a young guy, and the pressure he exerts on him, not only from the club but from France, the president, etc.,” Balboa said on Thursday’s show. “That is to say, and he also said, that I have also said, from the first moment, that a thousand things can happen in two years. 

“In other words, he did not completely close the door [on joining Real Madrid] … I want the best for Real Madrid, and if I see that he is one of the best, then I want him to come.”

The show is running off the recent remarks that Mbappé stated that playing with the France national team allows him more freedom out on the pitch compared to PSG. 

With France, especially one that doesn’t have Karim Benzema, there isn’t a Lionel Messi or a Neymar Jr. occupying their respective space that prohibits Mbappé from roaming outside where he’s generally for PSG. 

Although Real Madrid supporters ripped Mbappé for rejecting him and adding remarks such as the opportunity to join the La Liga side only comes once, the train to join them will come a second time for a talent like the French star. 

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