Report: The Key Reasons Why Paredes Decided to Join Juventus Over Arsenal

The lengthy transfer saga regarding Leandro Paredes came to a conclusion on Wednesday, as Paris Saint-Germain announced that the midfielder joined Juventus on a season-long loan deal. Juventus will be able to keep Paredes on the team by the season’s end due to the buy option that was included in the agreement.

Over the past months, Paredes was linked with multiple clubs about a possible transfer move. Among them, Arsenal showed a late interest in signing the Argentine midfielder, as noted by the Italian-based outlet La Gazzetta dello Sport.

In the end, Paredes “made it clear” to PSG club officials that he aspired to sign with the Serie A powerhouse. More so, now-former PSG winger Angel Di Maria was “pressing” Paredes to join him at the Italian side.

Another crucial factor behind Paredes’ call to leave PSG for Juventus was the upcoming 2022 FIFA World Cup, as he aims to have regular playing time in anticipation of featuring for the Argentina national team at the tournament.

For now, much attention is set on just when Paredes will make his first appearance at Juventus and whether he could end up featuring in its UEFA Champions League group stage clash against PSG next week.

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  1. He would’ve played more regularly in Arsenal. Sure he’s made a mistake and coming events will prove that

    1. Lol, he will get enough game time i assure you. No person in their right mind would chose Arsenal over Juventus and Vlahovic even pointed out that Arsenal is not in the same league as Juventus. Plus also consider Paredes would be more attracted to play Champions League football which Arsenal could not provide.

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