Galtier Reacts to the Performances from Messi, Neymar and Mbappe in PSG’s Ligue 1 Win vs. Toulouse

Following a sluggish showing in its Ligue 1 home fixture against AS Monaco, Paris Saint-Germain got back on track with a 3-0 away win over Toulouse on matchday five.

PSG forwards Kylian Mbappe and Neymar got on the scoresheet, while Lionel Messi chipped in with an assist on the Brazilian’s opening goal of the contest.

After the match, PSG manager Christophe Galtier (via L’Equipe) took some time to react to the showing from the side’s superstar trio.

“We can only be satisfied,” Galtier said. “Leo made two wonderful passes. Max (Dupe) also made some great saves. There are a lot of relationships between them. Also with Marco Verratti, Vitinha. It’s also because our midfielders get the ball out well. What we did not do against Monaco.

“We have quality players, it is necessary that this technical relationship exists in the heart of the game.”

As it stands, Neymar ranks at first in Ligue 1 in goal contributions with 13, while Messi sits behind him on this leaderboard with seven.

For now, PSG is set to turn its attention to an upcoming away league fixture against Nantes. The ongoing summer transfer window is set to close in mere hours, so it remains to be seen on just which players will be on the PSG roster come Ligue 1 matchday six.

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  1. The front 3, especially, Messi & Net are on point ( Mbappe ) has to stop ignoring Messi though!
    However, I am sooo pleased w/ Varratti, I hope the “pit bull” can avoid injury and keep the engine of the midfield going w/ the kid Vitinha going.

    1. You’re absolutely right.
      Messi is the soul of this team.
      And Ney’s back thanks to Lio.
      Messi and Ney are like brothers, and we can see that on the pitch.
      But of course, Prima Donna Kylian thinks or believes he’s over everybody else, and the rest of the team should “serve him”.
      That’s bad…, very bad…
      I think there’s still time to solve that, but Prima Donna is not going to like it and he will probably throw a tantrum.

  2. Messi is the real soul of the team.
    Neymar is back thanks to Messi.
    Since Ney left Brazil to join Barcelona, Messi has always been protecting his younger brother, and we are all witnesses of that.
    To be honest, the team played way much better without Mbappē.
    This young kid is too self-centered.
    He thinks he is the man and he is not!
    Prima Donna Mbappē has so much to learn from Messi and Neymar, starting by being respectful and humble.
    He keeps ignoring Messi, and that’s preposterous!!
    He must pass the ball to Messi and/or Neymar when they are in a better position to score.
    For the team to be what we all want dreamed about, Mbappē must learn how to be a team player.
    He has to finally realize that football is all about “team”.
    Galtier must have a VERY serious chat with this buffoon.
    It looks like Mbappē chose the wrong sport…
    He should’ve chosen tennis.

    1. Finally somebody saying it how it is.
      Messi is the one that ought to be the center of the project and not that egocentric boy.
      Galtier said that “nobody” is over the team or the club, yet so far he’s done nothing to correct this kid.
      Maybe it is because the owners told him not to do anything to KM, but if that’s the case, then the owners are making a huge mistake that can cost us the dream we have been chasing for so long.
      Mbappē must be told to change his effed-up attitude ASAP.

  3. I am wondering what will PSG look like without NEY and MESSI and only with Mbappe free to score as many goals as he likes in order to win Balon d’or.
    If PSG does not win C.L. next year with such a team it will be only the owner’s fault. Also it is very weird the attempt to get rid of Ney when he is in such a form never seen since long time ago.

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