Video: Messi Assists Neymar for a Decisive Goal in PSG’s Ligue 1 Fixture vs. Toulouse

After dominating for much of the first half of the Ligue 1 away fixture against Toulouse, Paris Saint-Germain’s work paid off with a key goal.

Lionel Messi once again played the role of a playmaker for Neymar, as he assisted the Brazilian for a crucial goal in this contest. The Argentine forward was able to send in a keen through ball to Neymar that caught Toulouse’s backline off guard.

While the play was initially ruled as offside, VAR officials eventually granted the goal for the reigning Ligue 1 champions.

Neymar has now recorded 13 goal contributions in five Ligue 1 matches played this season.

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  1. It’s funny to see that everybody is praising Neymar (who’s one of the greatest) but nobody sees that if it wasn’t for or because of Messi, Ney wouldn’t (probably) shinning so much.
    Ney’s back where he should be thanks to Lio, yet some idiots only say Messi this or that (for not scoring as many goals as before).
    Well…, it depends on the coach.
    If Gaultier finally (and intelligently) says… “let’s feed Messi”…, then Lio scoring sheet will be completely different.
    Unfortunately, for some ludicrous reason…, someone wants that stupid and self-centered kid to be the star he will never be.
    How is it possible that it is considered more important for that idiot (KM) to be the center of a non-sense project, when we all know that Messi and Neymar are “key”…?!
    They wasted so much money on a stupid brat…!!!!
    Let’s be honest with ourselves…
    KM doesn’t give two cents about PSG, and he only wants money and power.
    We lost “dearly” when he renew his contract…
    KM should be in Spain…, not here.

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