Report: The Key Reasons Behind Mbappe’s Recent Frustrations at PSG

The talk around Paris Saint-Germain at this early point in the season was expected to center on the promising start to the Christophe Galtier managerial era. This has not been the case, as much attention remains on the aftermath of PSG’s Ligue 1 home fixture against Montpellier.

Mbappe and Neymar had a minor disagreement over who would take the second penalty kick in the match. In the end, it was Neymar who took the kick and wound up scoring with ease.

However, Mbappe’s recent frustrations at PSG reportedly go far beyond this penalty dilemma with Neymar.

According to TNT Sports Brasil‘s Marcelo Bechler, Mbappe decided to re-sign at PSG with one of the reasons being that the team “would be his.” The French international wants to be the main star of the team, and he does not aspire to be much active when PSG does not maintain possession on the pitch.

More so, Mbappe expected that the rest of the team would “serve” him on the pitch, but the players do not buy into this idea.

The chemistry within PSG is far from broken early on, as the side has scored a total of 14 goals in its opening three fixtures of the new season. At the least, it will be noteworthy to see on just how Mbappe, Neymar, and Lionel Messi will play together in PSG’s upcoming Ligue 1 clash against Lille OSC.

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  1. Mbappe should know Football is team work and must know to appreciate others efforts.
    Messk is in a wrong team .

  2. This is completely madness and stupidity, how can this happen in soccer where a player is given such powers over his teammates, what the hell and the heck is going on in the psg. Who sat down with such childish thinking to give Mbappe these powers, is he playing with animals or humans. This useless powers were not thought through before giving out of after all respect is earned, leadership goes with maturity and taking penalty is always done by the best kicker not the good ones. PSG management are going to destroy the team if they don’t change such stupid and childish agreement with Mbappe.

  3. What is fucking wrong with mbappe, those he not knw what and how the MSN worked if I was in his shoes I would serve and not to be served…..😡

  4. Mbappe is nothing as a prayer without good teammates. He cannot handle alone one team its a team effort. Messi and Neymar work together and wins lots of championship.

  5. Mbappe is just a kid he needs to be taught a lot of things, that’s a team not a singles work nobody is gonna serve him it’s high time he knows he is playing with godfathers of football in the team

  6. Stupid mbapee what the he’ll is he thinking he is , messi was the leader of barcelona but he respected every one on the pitch, he did what it should be in football ⚽️, and that’s why he was always man of the mach, I watch psg just because of messi and naymar, who the he’ll is mbapee !!!!

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