Neymar Considering Leaving PSG Amid Clash With President

Following Neymar’s arrival at the club in 2017, Paris Saint-Germain fans were excited about what this meant for the French club. PSG acquired Neymar for €222m, and since then he has earned upwards of £24m a year.

Unfortunately, not all went as planned. PSG has failed to break out of their Champions League duck, and Neymar has been powerless to help the club out of it.

After spending five years in the club, Neymar is considering leaving PSG amid club president Nasser Al-Khelaifi’s criticism.

PSG’s Performance Last Season

Al-Khelaifi recently spoke about PSG’s performance last season, commenting that all the players would have to ‘be 100 percent.’

It’s worth noting that PSG’s performance in the 2021-22 season truly wasn’t all too satisfactory. This happened in spite of high predictions for the club considering the recent arrival of Messi.

Most notably, PSG was eliminated from the Coupe de France by Nice and suffered a 3-2 loss to Real Madrid in the Champions League.

Knowing this, Al-Khelaifi’s comments aren’t all too surprising, and he even commented about possible lineup changes.

‘A possible departure of Neymar this summer? What I can tell you is that we expect all players to do a lot more than last season. A lot more!’ Al-Khelaifi told Le Parisien.

However, these comments have possibly pushed Neymar to consider leaving PSG by the time the next season starts off.

Can Neymar Truly Leave PSG?

It’s not likely. Considering Neymar’s previously mentioned high salary and the transfer fee amount required for Neymar to leave PSG, all signs are pointing to Neymar staying at PSG.

Another important factor to note is that Neymar still has three years left on his deal with PSG. This leads to the implication that cutting his deal prematurely will lead to some hefty costs for the player and his representatives.

All of these factor in towards the fact that leaving PSG would simply be too costly for Neymar and perhaps even the football club that would be taking the Brazilian player in.

Overall, fans of Neymar and PSG both shouldn’t be too worried about the possibility of leaving. There is even a possibility that the next season will change things for both the player and the club considering plans for PSG’s future.

Neymar’s Future After PSG

Despite the fact that leaving would be difficult, there is a certain option for Neymar after PSG.

Namely, Neymar could play for Juventus. An offer has been made to Juventus, and representatives have spoken to the club regarding his transfer.

Unfortunately, this option would require a lower salary for Neymar. This is because Juventus is unable to afford Neymar’s current wages.

Unless this changes, it seems Neymar will spend at least another season in PSG or find another club to play in.

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