Is it Time for PSG to Say Au Revoir to Neymar?

When Neymar Jr. arrived at Paris Saint-Germain in 2017, it was the most talked about—and expensive—transfer in football history. Just five years later and it would appear that the superstar could be departing the French capital without accomplishing his primary objective.

Neymar left FC Barcelona in search of the accolades that were reserved primarily for his teammate, Lionel Messi. The Brazil international wanted the praise and credit for winning a UEFA Champions League title and he thought leaving Messi to lead PSG would be the way to do it. In what could be his last season at the club, Neymar and PSG collapsed in the Round of 16 of the Champions League to Real Madrid and now, there’s speculation that Les Parisiens are ready to end the Neymar project. Where could he go? Well, it’s better to look at these before you try and bet on his next club.

While Neymar is rarely a public distraction like he was in his early days in Paris, he is 30 years old and the list of injuries is long. He’s constantly one of the most fouled players in Europe and for PSG, a business decision must be made. Do they continue to pay Neymar like he’s one of the top footballers in the world until his contract expires in 2025, or do they explore an exit plan?

The easy solution is to keep Neymar. He’s under contract and as far as anyone can tell, he’s happy to stay in Paris and contribute. The issue is Neymar earns around €36 million per year. With Financial Fair Play kicking in next season, can PSG afford to keep a player with diminishing quality on such high wages?

It would make sense for PSG to sell Neymar, but what team would take on an expensive 30-year-old player with a history of injuries? Newcastle United FC immediately comes to mind. With new ownership in place, they would be looking for a marquee signing that resonates around the globe. Manchester City would have the funds, but considering their ownership and the geopolitical issues between PSG’s ownership, that deal likely doesn’t get done. A club like Juventus FC might be worth exploring, but I only see that deal happening if PSG agrees to play the majority of Neymar’s wages.

Unfortunately for PSG, they wanted Neymar so bad that they’ve now made it practically impossible to get rid of him and the player is more than happy to collect a large paycheck and contribute to one of the top teams in Europe. If PSG wins the Champions League title this season, the investment would be validated, but anything short of that and the cries from fans to sell the player will grow louder.

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