How PSG Went From Ligue 2 to Champions League Contenders

In the early 2000s, Paris Saint-Germain was a club in Ligue 2, the second division of French football. Today, they are one of the richest and most successful clubs in the world. How did Paris Saint Germain achieve such a rise to glory? What were their strategies?

In this article, we will take a look at how PSG went from Ligue 2 to Champions League contenders and provide you with all the essential information on how this French team became one of the most solid teams you can find in the global football industry today.

How Did PSG Become a Champions League Contender?

Here’s a short outline of PSG’s rise to the Champions League Contenders:

In May 2011, Qatar Sports Investments (QSI) took over PSG. QSI is an investment arm of the Qatar government. They immediately injected €100 million into the club, which has allowed PSG to sign some big names, such as Javier Pastore and Zlatan Ibrahimović.

PSG won their first Ligue 1 title in 19 years in 2012-13. The following season, they made it to the quarter-finals of the Champions League for the first time since 1995-96. They have since made it to the knockout stage of the Champions League every year except one (2015-16).

In 2017/18, PSG spent a world record of €222 million on Neymar. The following season, they signed Kylian Mbappé for €180 million. These two signings helped PSG win their first-ever Champions League title in 2020/21.

How Qatar’s Investment Changed Everything for PSG

Indeed, some luck has played a role for PSG. Like with all casino games and bonuses you can find on websites such as Casigo, luck played a role in the rise of PSG. However, luck was just a small part of it all, Qatar’s investment played a more crucial role, and let’s see how.

Qatar’s investment in PSG has undoubtedly been a game-changer for the club. With the influx of cash, PSG has been able to attract some of the world’s best players, including Neymar Jr. and Kylian Mbappé.

The club has also been able to build a new stadium, the Parc des Princes, which is one of the most modern and impressive stadiums in Europe. Qatar’s investment has transformed PSG into one of the richest and most successful clubs in the world.

How Thomas Tuchel Took PSG to New Heights

Now, we must mention former manager Thomas Tuchel who played a great part in PSG’s success! Tuchel improved the team and made them into one of the best teams in Europe.

Tuchel managed PSG from 2018 to 2020 and in that time, he lifted the club to new heights, winning the Ligue 1 title and reaching the final of the Champions League. Wow, right?

Under Tuchel, PSG became a more attacking team, scoring lots of goals. The team has also been very successful in Europe, reaching the final of the Champions League in 2020 against FC Bayern Munich.

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