French Football Expert Talks Mauricio Pochettino’s Job Prospects, a Future Move to Real Madrid

Paris Saint-Germain manager Mauricio Pochettino is on the way out as the capital club enters a new era with sporting advisor Luis Campos at the forefront of the project.

The Portuguese tactician wants to move in a different direction, so it is no surprise that Pochettino is on the way out. However, the pending sacking of the Argentine tactician shouldn’t stain his coaching career, says ESPN’s Julien Laurens.

In an interview with talkSPORT, the French football expert stated that past PSG managers such as Unai Emery and Thomas Tuchel have gone on to do well after leaving the French capital. 

“The people from the industry will know that this is not just on him. So he can’t back on tarnish how good of a manager he is because many have struggled before and after they went and won big things like when Unai Emery, like Thomas Tuchel. So it’s not just on him,” Laurens said. 

When discussing the 50-year-old’s job prospects, he notes that Pochettino prefers a return to the Premier League, but the job prospects for a top-six club are nonexistent at the moment. 

“I think he wants to come back to England. His wife and their two boys are here, of course. So I think the natural thing for him is to come back to the Premier League, which is the League that he prefers anyway, even more, I think than La Liga,” Laurens said. 

“I’m just not sure there is right now a job or very soon a job that he would like. Because if you look at all the top six, this is all taken now. Will he go below top six? I think he’s a top-six manager now, easily in the Premier League. So I don’t know. It’s hard to think.”

However, Laurens does drop a nugget that he believes Pochettini might be inlined for the Real Madrid job after one more season of Carlo Ancelotti in the Spanish capital. 

“I think that Carlo Ancelotti will have another season at Real Madrid and then they can give it to Poch,” Laurens concluded. 

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