Former Italian Footballer Explains Why PSG Target Should Stay in Serie A

Paris Saint-Germain is reportedly in the mix for Sassuolo striker Gianluca Scamacca, who seems to be ready for a summer move, considering the Italian club has already purchased his replacement in Peñarol center-forward Agustin Alvarez Martinez. 

With Scamacca likely exiting, there are plenty of rumors, including one that would see him head to the French capital. However, former Italian footballer Fulvio Collovati told La Gazzetta dello Sport (via FC Inter News) that moving to PSG or abroad, in general, would be a mistake for the 23-year-old. 

Collovati states that the striker possesses physical traits that not many clubs in Serie A have, so he doesn’t understand how they allow him to leave for a team outside of Italy. 

“If Scamacca were to really go abroad, I would be sorry. It would be a shame. He is one of the few physical strikers we have, the real 9 in the area, and I, you can imagine, know something about it,” Collovati said. 

“Always difficult to anticipate. It is true that today I don’t. There is almost man-marking, but the clashes with forwards like him, or Dzeko, are very physical. With the lack of players like him, the Italian clubs should not let him escape.”

Furthermore, Collovati adds that at PSG, Scamacca would be blocked by various players for minutes and won’t be the focal point of the attack that would allow him to further his development. 

“Many players today make different choices – comments the former defender on the hypothesis of a move to Paris -. More than the game, they think about money. There is no doubt that PSG attracts you with money, with contracts heavy,” Collovati said. 

“But we forget that it should be the club of whoever is made, while here we are talking about a player who has yet to consecrate himself. In Italy, it would be easier. And he would not find Neymar, Mbappé, Icardi, and others to block his way.”

A recent report suggests that PSG sporting advisor Luis Campos is ready to splurge on Scamacca and offer €40-million for the striker. 

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