Video: Lionel Messi Discusses the Booing He & Neymar Received by PSG Supporters

Following Paris Saint-Germain’s elimination from the UEFA Champions League Round 16 at the hands of Real Madrid, Lionel Messi and Neymar Jr. bared the brunt of the supporters’ frustration for the latest debacle. 

The duo was booed on various occasions by the supporters after the elimination. Furthermore, Messi didn’t play much of a factor in the matchup against the Spanish side and missed a penalty kick during the first leg. 

In an interview with TyC Sports, Messi spoke about the final months of the season, where he stated that there was some understanding on his part as to why there were being booed with the fans expressing their frustration. 

“It’s also new for me. It’s a different situation. It had never happened to me in Barcelona, ​​quite the opposite,” Messi said.

“It’s understandable the situation of the people and the anger at the players we had, at the team we were and because another year, because it is not the first time that a situation like this has happened to Paris, to be left out of the Champions League in that way, and the anger is understandable. Then if I agree or not about the whistles to me and to Ney in particular, that we were the most marked. But well, it happened.”

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