Pundit Details the Frustration Watching the Unlucky Season for Lionel Messi

The first season of Lionel Messi at Paris Saint-Germain is seen as a disappointment for some in the French media. The 34-year-old has struggled with goal-scoring since he arrived at the capital club. 

Furthermore, the Argentine was a non-factor in PSG’s UEFA Champions League Round of 16 matchup against Real Madrid. Messi also failed to convert his penalty kick opportunity in the first leg. 

Despite the criticism, some bad luck has hindered Messi from being successful in his first year with PSG, at least on the goal-scoring aspect of his game, since he’s hit the woodwork on ten occasions this season in Ligue 1. 

During a segment on L’Equipe de Greg (via Canal Supporters), Ludovic Obraniak spoke about his frustration watching Messi this season. If he had any luck, the narrative would be different and might not be booed by the supporters.

“Lionel Messi? We remain on our hunger. If he puts his ten goals there, does that change the situation? Yes, there is a form of bad luck since the gestures are still of quality,” Obraniak said. 

“I think it’s 10 minutes from the end against Troyes where he comes for a one-two inside the game and finds the crossbar. But it’s too short; it only happens in the 80th minute. It’s true that we remain hungry… it’s terrible!” 

It will be interesting to see if next season luck will shine on Messi, and perhaps not uprooting his family in the wind can help settle in early to set a tone for the entire 2022-23 campaign. 

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