“Total Decay” – Pundit Explains Why PSG Needs to Rid Themselves of Neymar

Paris Saint-Germain is likely to see changes this summer, from management down to the players; it seems as though everyone has their list of people that need to leave the capital club. 

During his After Foot show on RMC SportFrench football journalist Daniel Riolo stated that one person who needs to leave the capital club is Neymar Jr. The pundit went as far as to label the 30-year-old a poison and to leave as soon as possible. 

Riolo cites Neymar’s personal and professional life as reasons the French giants need to part ways with the Brazilian, who he thinks is rotting the club from the inside. 

“His life is one of total decay. It’s terrible all the same to think that PSG supporters have a player who is in a locker room rotting the club. What he does, his professionalism, his side life, the way he coaches other players, it’s dramatic,” Riolo said. 

“The number one solution for PSG is to part with Neymar as soon as possible. This will be the smallest of the reassuring messages sent to supporters. Because this guy is a public danger for PSG today, really.”

Last year, Neymar signed a contract extension that keeps him with PSG until 2025. Over the weekend, he stated that supporters would probably get tired of booing him because he has three more years in the French capital. Considering his wages, it’s doubtful he leaves, but a Neymar departure would send shock waves. 

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  1. Neymar must not leave psg next season but after next season he and messi should go back to Barcelona or go to Manchester city

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