Video: Thiago Silva Critical of PSG Management, Supporters After Champions League Elimination

Former Paris Saint-Germain captain Thiago Silva left in 2020 to join Chelsea, and ahead of the English club’s UEFA Champions League matchup against Real Madrid, the 37-year-old spoke with Canal Football Club

Silva explained why PSG was so regularly planted in its European campaigns, being very critical of the management of his former club. 

At first, the Brazilian defender said he was still shocked by the Parisian defeat against the Spanish giants in the Champions League knockout stages while still saying he was a fan of the capital club.

“It was an incredible elimination, unimaginable for us who are PSG supporters. Every year, it’s the same thing,” Silva said. “There are things you have to look at to try to improve for the future.”

“They tried to move forward. And not to make a lot of changes. There, it’s difficult to continue to progress. Sometimes, you go back to zero, which is not possible in football, even if PSG has a lot of money. But that’s not what makes you win in football.”

Silva also spoke out against the fans, who have been particularly rough with the PSG players since their elimination.

“It’s difficult to play at home and to be criticized, whistled; I think it’s not good,” Silva analyzed. “The fans have to really support the team. They need the atmosphere when she plays at the Parc when she plays outside. Our fans always make the difference, negatively or positively.”

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