Report: Mystery Team Surfacing in Pursuit of Kylian Mbappé

Over the past couple of months, it seemed as though the future of Kylian Mbappé would come down to remaining at Paris Saint-Germain or heading abroad to Real Madrid. 

However, RMC Sport reports that a third club is in the mix but doesn’t reveal who it is that’s looking to land him. 

Previously, there was a report linking FC Barcelona to the 23-year-old, but this information from the French media outlet suggests that the Spanish side isn’t in the mix for Mbappé.

“According to the information I have been given, there is a third club that has entered the dance, and that can also make him think, Jérôme Rothen said. “I do not know the identity of this club, but what’s certain is that it’s not Barcelona. It was confirmed to me by those around us.”

“Barcelona, ​​it’s out of the question for him to go there, for several reasons. But today in Europe, there are not fifteen thousand who can receive Kylian Mbappé… It is played between PSG, Real, and perhaps another.”

The forward assures everyone he has not decided anything yet. However, while Real Madrid dreams of landing him on a free transfer this summer, Paris pushes hard behind the scenes to convince him to extend.

“Personally, I think it’s not a contractual problem, continues the former midfielder of the capital club. If it were, he would have signed a long time ago because PSG is in a position of submission and that they are obliged to accept everything he wants to put in place,” Rothen added. 

“In financial terms, in terms of image. At all levels. In relation to his status. He demands a sporting project worthy of the name ( …) Today; he more or less leaves the door open to PSG.”

According to the French football pundit, Mbappé hesitates in his decision because of his particular connection with PSG. It’s not an easy choice if he wants to leave his hometown club and head elsewhere. 

“He is very attached to the club and very affected by what happened during the elimination against Real. He is very attached to Paris in relation to his origins. When you come from Bondy when you are a young man from the suburbs, you can have PSG in your heart,” Rothen concluded. 

“We are not talking about the financial aspect but about a special relationship with the capital club. That’s why today, I think he has a lot of respect for PSG, and he may be leaving the door open because he hopes that the leaders have realized the mistakes they have made over the past few years.”

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