Messi Ranks First in Ligue 1 in an Impressive Playmaking Stat This Season

Lionel Messi has had not his way in the goals department in his first season so far at Paris Saint-Germain, but he is having grand success as a playmaker.

Overall, Messi has completed 76 total passes into the penalty box in Ligue 1 this season. No player in France’s top flight has notched more such passes so far in the campaign than Messi.

Of course, this is quite an impressive feat for Messi at this stage in the season considering that he has appeared in a mere 22 total matches in league play.

The Argentine has also gone on to log 13 assists and a key passes per match average of 2.5 this season.

PSG has nothing to play for over the remainder of this season as it has already clinched Ligue 1, but for players such as Messi, the club’s remaining four matches in the campaign could give them a key opportunity to finish league play on a strong note.

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  1. So what sorts of information is this? Guys looking for information to make Messi look good? I guess if passes weren’t available, we would’ve heard something like “Messi smiled more than any player in Ligue 1”.

    Come on. This dude isn’t even top 20 this season. Call a spade a spade.

    Oh I forgot, this is PSG Talk…

    1. You funny man! Stats don’t lie.
      Messi was never obsessed with scoring goals.
      And doesn’t care about what u or anyone thinks. His touch alone is magic.

  2. Cr7 scoring goals and going trophyless is better than Leo winning league without scoring goals anaa? Messi is the best

  3. Jealousy go kill some people. Messi is simply the best of all time. You can’t keep him in the cooler for the season. If you refuse to supply him to keep scoring, then he will surely give it to you to scores. He always read and understand the pursuit of everyone in the team and make sure he gives them what they want.

  4. Messi is the best in the world no doubt, but this season he didn’t do sh*t. Wanna talk about passes now, those are stats for midfielders like Joginho

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