French Press Says UEFA’s New Financial Fair Play Is A Victory for PSG

For numerous months, UEFA worked on a significant overhaul of their Financial Fair Play, and the governing body of European football has arrived at a new system of rules.

The UEFA Executive Committee announced the new UEFA Club Licensing and Financial Sustainability Regulations. The most significant innovation in the new regulations will be introducing a squad cost rule to bring better control concerning player wages and transfer costs. The regulation limits spending on salaries, transfers, and agent fees to 70-percent of club income. 

French media outlet Le Parisien (via Paris Fans) states that the new FPF is a victory for PSG president Nasser Al-Khelaifi against the historic clubs like Real Madrid, Barcelona, or Manchester United. The new rules favor clubs with capital and solid shareholders.

In the near future, the new regulations would permit PSG to have the margin required to persuade Kylian Mbappé to extend his contract while continuing to recruit. The 70-percent limit will only really come into effect in three seasons.

Nonetheless, even if a club exceeds the salary cap, shareholders could choose, as is the case in the NBA, to pay fines, even high ones, rather than respecting the limit to the nearest euro.

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