Video: ‘There Is a Foul’ – Mauricio Pochettino Comments on the First Goal Scored by Karim Benzema

The controversy surrounding Paris Saint-Germain’s implosion at the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium is the non-foul call on Karim Benzema, who would take the ball away from goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma, relayed it to Vinicius and would receive it back for the goal. 

Benzema’s goal would create a snowball effect, with Real Madrid scoring three goals in 17 minutes to turn around the result in their favor. Manager Mauricio Pochettino addressed the controversy during his interview with RMC Sport

“It is incredible that the fault on Donnarumma has not been reviewed on the video. It is a very clear fault by Benzema, in my opinion. All the angles of view show that there is a foul. So I don’t understand why there was no VAR at that time,” Pochettino said. 

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  1. ..Yes the ref and VAR won the game for R. Madrid.
    There was a clear foul on the goalkeeper by Benzima who pushed the keeper off the ball making him fall and then later went to score one of his other goals coming from offside all of which was simply ignored by the linesman, the ref and the useless VAR.
    Its sickening

    1. really dont u think hakimi’s hand made the second goal not an offside.. Wow its clearly visible is it not.. Its annoying when team start complaining they lost bc of the one ref mistake.
      Pochettino said we were the better team until the first goal then everything changed right if so, why didnt they win the game then complained… both goals were conceded bc of the mistakes of the PSG players not bc the first goal was allowed. Messi was not in this game neither was Neymar… So teams should stop complaining there was injustice after they have lost bc that is just excuses for me.

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