Video: Luka Modrić States That There’s Pressure on Both Teams to Advance

When UEFA made the Round of 16 draw, pinning Paris Saint-Germain against Real Madrid would see two heavyweights fight and exit early from the Champions League. Ahead of the matchup, midfielder Luka Modrić spoke at a news conference discussing the pressure on the two clubs. 

PSG and Real Madrid hope to make a deep run in the competition, but on Wednesday night, one will exit sooner than one wants, which is why the 36-year-old states there’s a lot of stress for the two teams to get a favorable result. 

“I think the pressure is on both teams. We both want to go through. They are doing everything to try to win the Champions League, and they haven’t succeeded yet, which speaks of how difficult it is,” Modrić said. 

“We have won four in five years, and It seems easy, but it’s the opposite. We both have a lot at stake. We have the same pressure; we are two great teams. We are the best team in the history of football; that’s why we always have pressure.”

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