Video: ‘It Should End’ – Jérôme Rothen Pleads for PSG to Part Ways With Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi at Paris Saint-Germain hasn’t gone as many envisioned when the 34-year-old signed last summer after his abrupt departure from FC Barcelona due to the club’s issues with the La Liga wage salary cap. 

Messi hasn’t scored much in French football and didn’t factor in the UEFA Champions League elimination against Real Madrid. The Argentine had an opportunity to convert a penalty kick and failed. 

During a segment on Rothen s’enflammeRMC Sport pundit and former PSG midfielder Jérôme Rothen stated that it’s best for both parties to part ways at the end of this season. 

“The love story was never made with PSG. For the good of everyone, it should end in June,” Rothen said. “Things shock me. He is not the only one for a few years who has worked like this with Paris Saint-Germain.”

“We have seen South Americans pull their faces from time to time, be physically a little amorphous, and not playing while they are in full possession of their spot in the national team. It’s a shame the relationship he has with Paris Saint-Germain today. Will these ten days [with the national team] give him some comfort so that things go better with PSG? I’m still very skeptical about it.”

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