Video: ‘He’s Pissed Off’ – French Football Pundit States There’s Friction Between Achraf Hakimi, South American Players

The issue regarding Paris Saint-Germain being a South American-dominated club continues to be a topic of discussion within French football media outlets. 

Furthermore, these cliques within the squad reportedly have right-back Achraf Hakimi fed up. During a segment on “After Foot RMC,” French football pundit Daniel Riolo stated that the 23-year-old would like to leave because of his situation.

Riol states that Hakimi is pissed off because there’s no communication between him and the South American players on the team. 

“Why is Hakimi freaking out so much that South Americans don’t speak to him anymore? He wants to get away. He’s pissed off, and that’s normal,” Riolo said. 

“I have sometimes criticized Hakimi for his fluctuating form, but we must recognize that what makes the strength of his game cannot be expressed in this team. Hakimi is freaking out; he can’t take it anymore.”

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