Report: PSG Wants to Hold Onto Ethan Mbappé Regardless of His Brother’s Decision

Many are focused on the future of Kylian Mbappé, whose contract expires in June. The 23-year-old is weighing his options whether to extend with the capital club or head out on a venture and join Real Madrid, who’s the only other realistic option. 

Nonetheless, there’s also the case of his brother, Ethan Mbappé, who’s under an aspiring contract with the French giants until June 2024, and the question arises about his future. L’Équipe (via Culture PSG) reports that PSG would like to keep the 15-year-old. 

The teenager has different qualities than his brother since he’s a midfielder along with being tall, thin, slow, hard on the man, and left-footed. A coach who’s seen Mbappé play against his team this season compares him to an Eduardo Camavinga. 

Despite not being the goal-scorer that his older brother is, the younger Mbappé is a player that the Ligue 1 side appreciates. Furthermore, at PSG, it is assured that the midfielder does not wish to resemble or be compared to anyone and has progressed on his qualities. 

“Ethan is in a process of individual progression; he wants to build his career,” L’Équipe writes. “In addition, Ethan loves PSG.”

The younger Mbappé could be part of the U-19 squad next season, but it remains a mystery what he will decide to do when it comes to his long-term future. 

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