Report: PSG, Marquinhos Have Agreed on Term for an Extension; Remain Apart on Finances

Marquinhos’ contract expires in 2024; however, Paris Saint-Germain isn’t ready to wait around to begin discussing a new deal for the 27-year-old. According to L’Equipe (via Paris Fans), the two parties quickly agreed on the term of a new contract. 

The report states that they want to extend the deal for two or three more years (2026 or 2027). However, the hurdle that prevents a deal from getting done as they remain pretty far apart on the financial side.

The Brazilian defender earns an estimated salary of €1.2-million monthly. These wages put him in fourth position in the Le Parisian salary grid. He’s far behind the three stars of the attack, Neymar (€4.08-million), Messi (€3.38-million), and Mbappé (€2.22-million). But just ahead of Hakimi (€1.08-million) or Navas (€1-million), who arrived more recently than him (2013).

Marquinhos arrived in 2013 and has improved his play, connecting with the supporters and becoming the capital club captain. However, these last few weeks, the defender has been under scrutiny, and whether he’s the leader for the squad after they crashed out of the UEFA Champions League.

Critics have called Marquinhos too friendly with the group as he could not galvanize the squad in the second leg against Real Madrid. They would crumble and lose their 2-0 aggregate lead. 

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