Real Madrid Looking to Increase Capicity at Santiago Bernabéu Stadium Ahead of PSG Match

Real Madrid will be welcoming Paris Saint-Germain to the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium for the second leg of their UEFA Champions League Round of 16. 

With the crucial fixture looming, Real Madrid is considering increasing the stadium’s capacity, which has been around 40-percent since the start of the season. 

Real Madrid’s home ground is currently under construction, which is why it can only accommodate 40-percent (32,000 people) of its capacity. But the leaders of the club would like to increase this quota to 60,000 people when PSG comes to visit on March 9. 

“The important thing is not whether there are five thousand more or less, all the stands available will be full, and the most important thing is that the fans cheer like never before,” a Real Madrid club director told Spanish media outlet ABC.

So the Spanish club’s leaders spent two weeks studying with the site’s architects the options for increasing the stadium’s capacity based on maximum security for the supporters.

If 60,000 people could come to the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium on March 9, it would be its best attendance since on March 2, 2020, when 81,044 supporters attended El Clasico in their win over Barcelona. 

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