Pundit Compares the Character of Lionel Messi to Cristiano Ronaldo; Rips Neymar

Paris Saint-Germain’s elimination from the UEFA Champions League continues to be discussed after Lionel Messi and Neymar Jr. were booed throughout the match against FC Girondins de Bordeaux this past weekend. 

Former striker Paolo Di Canio was very blunt about the Argentine’s character, comparing him to Cristiano Ronaldo during a segment on Sky Sports (via AS). Di Canio highlighted Messi’s reaction after the final whistle at the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium. 

“The game is over; Messi comes out, touches his hair, and has no emotions. Look at Cristiano: you put him on the bench against City? He goes to Portugal, comes back, and scores a hat-trick. Between the two, and not because of talent, I prefer the human who built himself with a soul and a heart to the Martian without feelings,” Di Canio said. 

The Sky Sports pundit went on to question the character of Messi, who has some issues adjusting to French football. 

“His lack of character was noted, something that was also questioned in the national team. It is clear that they can whistle him. They signed him and it was the dream, the wonder and then the attitude was different,” Di Canio said. 

Di Canio didn’t stop his criticism only at Messi. He then also attacked Neymar both for his performance and his statements.

“He is not doing things at the level of his talent, and a month ago, in an interview, he said that he is looking forward to playing in the MLS to have three months seasonal vacation. Where’s the respect?” Di Canio said. 

A recent report, which has now since been denied, stated that Messi’s father, Jorge Messi, reached out to the leaders of FC Barcelona about the possibility of returning to the Spanish club after what’s been a challenging year in the French capital. 

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  1. this man is not serious all how will you be acqusing some one that is even much better than yuh let’s take a good look at yuh as a strike the carrier goals of yours can not be compare to messi own so keep quite

  2. Retired players be opening their mouth against players , who are way out of their league , btw , how many career goal did dicanio score all his life ….talk more of at 30+
    Now Educating us about attitude…

  3. I think it’s unfair to criticize Messi to this extent…something is going on in the PSG camp that is disorganizing this gigantic club. It’s beyond Messi…

  4. No body asked you if Ronaldo was ordinary or not.. Beside you calling him ordinary sure knows that he’s better than you. If you call someone far better than you ordinary, then what do you call yourself. It’s like telling someone not to lick ice-cream while you’re doing same

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