‘Part of Their Identity’ – Nicolas Anelka Calls PSG Mentally Weak Following Loss to Real Madrid

Over the past few years, Paris Saint-Germain has had its share of disasters in the UEFA Champions League, with the latest coming this past week against Real Madrid, giving up their 2-0 aggregate lead. 

The French giants beat themselves in 17 minutes, conceding a hat-trick to Karim Benzema in the process of their demise. This latest meltdown joins past chapters, such as the losses to FC Barcelona and Manchester United. 

In an interview with Le Parisien, former PSG forward Nicolas Anelka spotlighted the mental weakness some of the players on the squad have due to being part of these collapses from the past. 

“PSG was well above in the first leg and then for almost the entire return,” Anelka said. “Having so many chances on the pitch in Madrid gave me the impression that it was going to end 3-0 for Paris. His qualification was obvious. Then there was an incomprehensible 15-minute slump.” 

“This shipwreck can only be explained by the traumas of the past, such as the eliminations in Barcelona or against Manchester United. There are no other possible explanations. Mentally, the Parisians weren’t strong when a problem arose. It’s terrible, but this mental fragility is part of their identity.”

The capital club has turned over the players, managers, and now it could change the management side. It will be interesting to see what the PSG decides to do over these next few months, but they need to get to the root of the problem as to why they’re not mentally strong to endure adversity. 

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