Neymar Could Soon Reach an Impressive Feat in PSG History

Neymar has already reached multiple notable feats over the course of his career at Paris Saint-Germain, and he could be on track to achieve another impressive accomplishment.

Overall, Neymar has scored five goals with PSG this season, with all of them coming in Ligue 1 play.

Neymar currently needs a mere eight goals to reach 100 in his career at PSG. Only five other players in PSG club history have reached 100 goals, including the likes of its all-time leading goal-scorer in Edinson Cavani (200) and also Kylian Mbappe (158).

While the Brazilian international has not emerged as a keen go-to goal-scorer for PSG so far this season, he sure has what it takes to score eight goals over the remainder of the campaign.

PSG still has nine matches remaining in its Ligue 1 schedule, which include its home encounter against Lorient after the ongoing international break and the home matchup against rival Olympique de Marseille.

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  1. Neymar is the best in the world, he’s complete player. Am not bothered at all in whatever people are saying. No player on earth has the skills of Neymar.

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  2. If he stops playing, I am done with football. I just love his movement and speed with the ball. He can take in two or three defenders at once and take them to the cleaners. Injury sets him back thus season. Even at that, on his day, no footballer matches his skills. God bless Neymar. I was with Barca. I cross over to PSG with him. If he doesn’t play, I don’t watch psg matches.

    1. ✌✊☝☝👍👍✊😊😊😊😊🕆🌍💛💙💚😊👍✊✊✌✌✊☝

  3. Messi and donnarumma should be booed but not neymar jr

    Go Neymar gooooo many fans all around the world loves you but few who loves messi


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