Is Messi Considering a Move to MLS?

Paris Saint-Germain is not just the biggest club in French soccer, but also one of the biggest on a global scale. Even for such a huge club though, Lionel Messi’s transfer in the summer of 2021 was a major story. Although it was tinged with sadness at leaving FC Barcelona after many years and mainly due to the Spanish team’s financial troubles, it was a big transfer for Les Parisiens.

As the world’s best player in many fans’ eyes, Messi was a major signing and someone who many hoped would light up Paris with his sublime skills. It is fair to say that his form since signing has not been quite what was expected though, and he often looks far from happy with life in Paris. This has led to many sports fans beginning to speculate on a potential move away from PSG in the summer of 2022, with the MLS being one possible destination.

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Could Messi Really Move to MLS?

With Angel Di Maria on track to leave PSG in the summer, could we also see Messi go as well? The answer to this question comes in two parts. The first thing to look at is whether Messi wants to move away from Paris at all. Sadly for PSG fans, rumors seem to suggest this could be true. The player is widely reported to not feel settled in Paris and to be unhappy with life in the French capital. In addition, he has also suggested that he would only stay if PSG wins the Champions League this season. If this does not happen, then he might be on his way.

Would MLS Be a Viable Move for Messi?

The second part of any answer has to focus on where he might go – is the MLS really a possibility? Although many people discount this, there are some good reasons he might move to the US. To begin with, the MLS is becoming a respected force in global soccer and a move would be appealing. It would also mean he has to travel less when playing games for his country in Argentina or when heading to South America for international get-togethers.

PSG might also prefer to sell him to an MLS team because it means they will not be strengthening a European rival. If they sold to a team such as Liverpool or Inter Milan, it could come back to bite them in competitions like the Champions League. Any possible MLS move could also center on Messi’s desire to try a fresh challenge outside of Europe and link up with the big names involved in US soccer. David Beckham’s Inter Miami are already emerging as a potential suitor and the power of brand Beckham could be enough to lure Messi stateside.

Could a Move Back to Barcelona Be in the Cards Instead?

Lionel Messi’s move to PSG saw him leave Barcelona after 18 years with the Catalan club. Joining as an unknown youngster in 2003, he broke into the first team in 2004 before going on to make his name with the team. It is an open secret that Messi’s heart is still in Barcelona and that he didn’t really want to leave in 2021.

For this reason, any possible MLS move could be dashed by his desire to return home to Barca. As above, you could see PSG not being in favor of this because it would make one of their main rivals in Europe stronger. As we all know now though, player power usually wins and if he really wants to return to Spain, it will probably happen.

Messi’s Next Destination Will Be Interesting

Of course, the Argentine wizard might surprise us all and opt to stay in France. If this does happen, all PSG fans will hope to see the real Messi next season, when he has settled in a bit more. If he does choose to move on through in the summer of 2022, where he decides to go will be fascinating.

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