‘He Walked on the Pitch’ – Jérôme Rothen Rips Lionel Messi for His Performance Versus Real Madrid

Paris Saint-Germain experienced another humiliating result in the UEFA Champions League. The capital club conceded a hat-trick to Karim Benzema in 17 minutes, leading to the 3-2 defeat as they crashed out in the Round of 16 to Real Madrid.

After receiving criticism from the French media in the first leg, the Argentine forward is at the center of attention following PSG’s elimination from the Champions League. Nonetheless, Messi is the best player in the world, and more is expected from him.

There’s plenty of criticism to go around following this loss, and former PSG midfielder and RMC Sport pundit Jérôme Rothen called out Lionel Messi on Rothen s’enflamme, labeling the 34-year-old as a fraud. 

“I’m ashamed to talk about Messi like that, but it’s the reality! Yesterday he walked on the pitch. He made efforts from 10 meters! Modric put it in his pocket!” Rothen said. 

“The other – it annoys me so much to mention his name – he lost all his balls! Since he’s been there, it’s been a mess! He has played less than 50% of PSG matches, and when he’s here, we’re going to find excuses for him by saying that he was coming back from an injury? No, there’s no time; it was last night that you had to be there.”

It will be interesting to see what happens after this season with Messi having another year left on his contract. Depending on what happens with the manager and front office, he will want to remain in the French capital, as supporters call for change following this latest disaster. 

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  1. You don’t know what you are saying, Messi play well. What do want him to do? To kill himself. Psg is not Barcelona, at barce, he was the one do everything. He score, he assist, he creat chances, and do all he can to make sure a win will come. But at psg, they get all the stars. They have that can score, assist, creat chances. So if Messi do not score or assist, the rest can do. Stop putting blames on Messi.

    1. Pls stop putting blames on messi for every mistakes that happen when PSG are defeated they have so many stars before messi came. You can imagine the careless mistake from the goalkeeper and defenders. You guys are putting blames on messi.

  2. messi try his best, don’t ever put blame on him, but that fucking goalkeeper and neymar do the worst part of the game am so sorry both of them

    1. Messi played well embrace played well versatile played well the rest are not good enough when pressure is on they collapse worst defensive performance in European history, imagine passing ball to opposition in practicaly ur own box may get rid of 4 players at least

  3. Messi made great efforts even in tackling Benzema in front of PSG , goal,but it’s like you didn’t see that. We know defenders made blunders including the goal keeper but it’s messi who takes the blame.

  4. You are also crazy ….what do u expect from him ….to run and follow the faulty passes like a mad man?…ur midfielders at psg can’t even play simple tru pass all they do is get the ball play it mbappe to run after it….they play all their ball at the left wing…let me tell u this Messi don’t run anyhow on the pitch….if u want him to play involve him more than any other player…change the horse- like play at psg and u will get the best from him

  5. PSG and some fans still don’t get it. You want to get the best out of Messi, then build the team around him. Someone wrotethat PSG are a bunch of mercenaries. All they know is run, kick and shoot. Football is art! And the way PSG player know nothing about it. I can’t blame Pochenitto because Messi came with PSG had fixed mindset. That their hero is Mbappe, a great player. But I am talking about PSG wants something out of Messi. And that is the difference.

  6. Jerome Rothen you just want to make name for yourself… You know nothing about foolball, what was your achievement with PSG? You were not even a starter back then, Youre just a fucking haters of glory

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