Spanish Press Explain Why Gerard Piqué Pushed for the Exit of Lionel Messi

Despite Lionel Messi departing from FC Barcelona half a year ago, the news regarding his exit continues to come out in the Spanish press. El Pais is the latest to report on what transpired behind the scenes regarding the departure of the 34-year-old. 

The news outlet states that Barcelona defender Piqué spoke with president Joan Laporta, telling him that not re-signing Messi would help solve the La Liga salary cap issues. 

“Without Leo, the issue of financial fair play is fixed,” Piqué reportedly said. 

The possible betrayal adds a hint of tragedy to the trauma experienced by Messi, feeling that he was stabbed in the back by the two men, who have been cold since Messi departed to PSG.

Furthermore, Piqué decided to take a pay cut after Messi departed so Barcelona could register its new arrivals to the club last summer; the gesture was made too late when it could have helped keep him at Barça. 

Nonetheless, the Spanish outlet states that the exit from Barcelona was a traumatic one for the Argentine. 

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    1. You are so right. Look at Barca now. Pique also said that nothing would happen if Messi left. He was so wrong. I thought Pique was a friend. Some friend! Karma is a bitch.

  1. Pique is the evil behind Leo unhappiness at PSG. Pique was jealous of Leo. Leo’s forced exit from Barca had made it difficult for him to adjust at PSG. Pique tried to destroy Leo and in the process has set the Barca on free fall. Pique isn’t a team player. Barca and Leo can only find peace and renewal if the traitor is shown the way out of Barca ,out of Spain and out of football. If not,he is going to betray the most important persons in Barca and Bury Barca but God forbid. Show him the way out now.

  2. Pique is jealous of Leo. He destroyed Leo’s spirit of trust and in the process destroyed Barca. His betrayal has made it difficult for Leo to adjust at PSG and for Barca to find form. He will destroy Barca completely if left. Show Pique the way out of Barca and Spain and football now.He will betray anybody.

  3. I’m shocked at Pique. I have always liked and admired him, but this isn’t only a disgusting betrayal but it also wrecked Barca. Look at them now.

    This must really hurt Messi. Messi is so badly treated. The greatest player in history is disrespected, attacked, assaulted on the pitch, beaten up in the media. I don’t know how he stands it. Bravest man in football.

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