Report: PSG Preparing to Offer Kylian Mbappé Colosal Contract Extension Proposal

The contract of Kylian Mbappé with Paris Saint-Germain expires in June, and the never-ending discussions over his future remain ongoing. Furthermore, these talks overshadow the performance the 23-year-old had against Real Madrid, including scoring late in the second half. 

When it comes to the latest news regarding these contract talks, The Independent (via Paris Fans) reports that the Ligue 1 side is preparing a colossal proposal. 

According to the British outlet, Mbappé and his entourage are considering an offer from PSG, which would see wages rise to around €1-million per week (approximately €52-million per year) to convince him and reject the advances Real Madrid hopes to make. 

Furthermore, the Independent adds that nothing is signed with Real Madrid yet and that the 23-year-old has, so far, left all his options open as he weighs what will be the next chapter of his career.

Mbappé’s performance against Real Madrid this past week has put the France international back in the spotlight. If PSG didn’t have any more motivation to secure a deal, they have more now after seeing that first-leg. 

On the other end, the Spanish club sees what it craves in Mbappé, so there’s no doubt they will go all out to sign him.

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