Lionel Messi Talks Champions League, Ligue 1 With PSG Magazine

Lionel Messi will be on the cover of the next edition of the PSG magazine. The 34-year-old gave an interview to the media outlet, discussing various topics such as the quest for the UEFA Champions League, the progress of Ligue 1, and how the team finds itself on the right track.

The Champions League competition is where Messi has looked more comfortable during his time with the capital club. Furthermore, PSG brought in the Argentine to help the French giants, so he explained what it would take to win the competition.

“It’s complicated to win the Champions League,” Messi said. “Complicated, because it is a competition which brings together the best teams, and where the slightest detail, the slightest error can eliminate. I believe we have a team that can try to win it. We are excited about this idea, and we really hope to get there, but we have to take it easy.

“I repeat, it is difficult to win the Champions League. It’s not always the best team that wins it, and you have to really focus on all the details, thinking about being the strongest team you can be. At the end of the day, it’s the strongest teams; who achieve their goals. And we are on this path, seeking to become even stronger than who we are.”

Messi has only ever known La Liga as a first-team player, so making a move to French football was a shock to his system. For the first time in his career, he had to adapt to a new league, style of play, country, and language. The Argentine provided his thoughts on Ligue 1.

“This league has progressed a lot in recent years,” Messi said. “PSG has contributed a lot. The club has significantly increased the visibility of Ligue 1 in the world.

“Today, it’s a very competitive championship, where any team is capable of beating you and hurting you. I see the French championship as an increasingly balanced competition, like football in a way general. Today in this sport, it has become more and more difficult to win every match.”

Finally, Messi gave some insight spoke about the squad and where he sees the team going at the moment. The team is filled with tons of offensive talent, but Messi states that they need to be a collective unit to be successful.

“Let’s say that the big teams have to perform well on the whole pitch, in all their lines, in defense, and in attack,” Messi said. “I think it depends on the ability of a collective to play as a team. Attackers cannot just attack, and defenders can only defend.

“We must form a strong and united team both in the defensive phase and in the offensive phase. It is this guideline that will allow us to be a fully competitive team. A team that will try to win the Champions League as well as all the titles that we are able to covet.”

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